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Physical therapy has a lot of benefits that go beyond simply helping someone heal from an injury. While most people do see a physical therapist after an injury, you can also see a physical therapist for chronic pain, improving balance to prevent falls, manage vascular diseases, and so forth. Further, physical therapy in Danbury, CT can help you regain your range of motion with little to no pain.


For most people, a doctor will refer someone to a physical therapist for treatment as many insurance plans require a referral. If you’ve been recently injured with a sprain, broken bone or another non-tissue injury, then chances are good that the doctor will want you to undergo physical therapy as part of your recovery process.


Physical therapists know how various function especially in play muscles. They also know the risk for athletes getting different types of sports injuries. In case you get a sports injury, the physical therapist can design an appropriate recovery and prevention program that will help you get back to your normal athletic functions.



Finding a Danbury physical therapist in, CT is a matter of looking up local clinics online. Your family doctor will also have therapists that he/she can recommend. Also, ask family and friends if they can recommend a therapist. In addition to finding a therapist that will accept your insurance (including Medicare and Medicaid), you also want to read reviews to see if they have a good reputation.

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